Window Cleaning Time

Window Cleaning Time

  • 4 Ways Your Windows Can Keep Your House Cool During The Summer

    When your home is feeling hot during the summer, you will be looking for ways to keep your house cool and cut down on your energy bills. You can actually do this with your home's windows. By following these simple tips, you can lower the temperature in your home and save money that would otherwise be spent on central air conditioning. Cover Windows During The Day Having the blinds open in the winter is a great way to let heat in and warm up your home.

  • Two Common Questions About Storm Windows

    As a homeowner, you will want to take extra caution to protect your home during a storm. There is a chance that the strong winds can cause a glass window to shatter, which will cause damage inside your home as well. Having storm windows installed can prevent this from happening. Installing an extra barrier between the outside elements and your main window will help protect it from dangerous weather conditions, and provide additional insulation.

  • About The Dangers A Cracked Windshield Can Pose & Replacement Costs

    Are you tired of driving around with a crack in your windshield? The crack is not only unappealing, but it can raise the risk of you getting injured if you are ever in a car accident. Find out below how a cracked windshield can pose a danger and what a replacement will cost. Why Should a Vehicle Owner Not Drive with a Cracked Windshield? It is obvious that a cracked windshield can pose a danger if it interferes with your view of the road.

  • Create The Illusion Of A Window With This DIY Old Shutter Headboard

    Hiring a contractor to have the windows and shutters replaced around your home is an exciting adventure, because your home's exterior is about to get a brand new look. But before you toss out the old wood shutters, think about what you can make with them instead. If you want to repurpose them into something for the inside of your home, a faux window headboard is one easy idea. This guide explains the steps you'll need to complete in order to accomplish this task.

  • Clean, Green Blinds: Simple Solutions to Naturally Clean Your Faux Wood Blinds

    Considering a large variety of caulks, cleansers, air fresheners, and paints contain harsh chemicals, your home can quickly become a toxic battlefield. Known as VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, the ingredients inside your favorite products can have a negative effect on your family's health. From headaches and breathing problems to an increase in allergic reactions, the health hazards of VOCs can be dangerous. Fortunately, removing dirt, dust, and dander from your blinds does not have to be an unhealthy task this spring.

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    For many people, spring is a time for cleaning. I am one of these people. Once warm weather arrives, I feel energized and ready to conquer the large list of cleaning chores that usually need to be completed around my home. One of the chores I always complete during the spring months is window cleaning. I am ashamed to admit that I don’t ever clean my windows during the cold weather months. Because I’m extremely cold natured, I won’t venture outside to scrub my windows in the winter. If you’re making a spring cleaning list, don’t forget to put your windows on it. On this blog, you will discover why spring is the best time of the year to clean your windows.