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4 Signs That Your Windows Aren't Energy Efficient

Lawrence Robinson

Windows should be energy efficient. However, they do lose some of this efficiency over time as they get older. While these changes might be small, they do build up. At some point, you will see signs that your windows don't work as well as they once did.

How can you tell if your windows have lost their energy efficiency?

1. You Feel Drafts

A window should create a full seal to block air from getting into your home. So, if a window loses some of this efficiency, then you'll be able to feel cold drafts coming in through it.

Drafts are caused by worn seals, gaps between the glass and its frame, and frame damage. If anything breaches a window and affects its fit, then it loses energy efficiency.

2. Your Energy Bills Have Increased

If your home is energy efficient, then your energy costs are also efficient. You use just enough power to heat and cool your home without wasting energy or money.

If your windows are old and are losing their efficiency, then you'll start to notice changes in your energy costs. They are likely to increase because you either waste energy or have to use more of it to create the right ambient temperature in your home.

If your windows have problems, then you have to work harder to heat or cool your home. In colder weather, cold air will come in and warm air will leak out. In hotter weather, cooled air will escape through your windows and warm air will come in.

In either case, you waste energy and you use more of it. Your bills will be higher than they used to be.

3. You Can Feel Changes in Glass Temperature

The glass in energy-efficient windows shouldn't transfer heat or cold into your home. For example, if you have energy-saving double-glazed windows, then the temperature of their glass panes should be constant.

If you touch window glass in hot weather, then it shouldn't feel hot. It shouldn't feel cold in colder weather either. If your glass feels hot or cold to the touch, then this is a sign that your windows aren't working as efficiently as they should.

4. You Can Hear More Outside Noise

Well-insulated windows help reduce noise coming into your home. They create a barrier that stops external sounds from getting through.

If your windows have lost some efficiency, then you might have noticed that you can hear more outside noise than you used to. This is a sign that you might need to switch to more energy-efficient windows.

If you don't think that your windows are giving you the energy efficiency you need in your home, then contact window replacement companies and ask them to install new energy-saving windows.


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