Window Cleaning Time

Window Cleaning Time

A Commercial Window Cleaning Service Keeps The Windows On Your Building Clean And Attractive

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If your building is just one level, you may think you can keep up with cleaning the windows yourself, but you may soon find otherwise. If your building has rows of windows like many commercial buildings do, keeping the glass clean and the frames free of spiderwebs and debris is a lot of work.

The cleaning company you use might do interior windows, but cleaning services often don't do windows at all. You'll need a commercial window cleaning service instead. Here's how a commercial window cleaning service works.

You Can Choose The Frequency Of Visits

Keeping your windows clean is important because clients may think you're neglectful if your windows get dirty and cloudy. You can call a commercial window cleaning service to come when your windows get dirty or you can schedule regular cleaning so the dirt doesn't have a chance to build up.

If your windows aren't cleaned very often, it takes more time and effort to get them clean, so cutting back on the frequency may not save much money. A better option might be to have the windows cleaned monthly or another frequency depending on how quickly the glass accumulates stains from dust, pollen, and pollution.

A Window Cleaning Company Does Interior Work Too

If your janitorial service doesn't do interior windows, you can let the commercial window cleaning service clean the windows inside and out. They'll clean the glass on both sides as well as the frames and ledges so the entire window area is free from built-up dirt, grime, leaf stains, pollen stains, and debris.

Cleaning exterior windows requires the most work since the outside of the windows are exposed to weather conditions and whatever is floating through the air. The window cleaners may need to use stronger products and work from ladders so they can reach the very top of the windows.

That makes cleaning exterior windows a little more hazardous too. However, professional window cleaners are equipped and trained to work safely, and they don't take on work that's beyond their ability to do safely.

When you have a single-story building, the cleaners may not need to put up scaffolding to do the work. The company lets you know in advance what to expect so you know how window cleaning might affect your clients and your daily operations.

Commercial Windows Can Be Cleaned In All Seasons

While the cleaning company probably won't work in extreme weather, they can work during all seasons to keep your windows in good shape. They may even be able to stay on schedule by working through light rain and snow.


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