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Window Cleaning Time

The Benefits Of Seeking Out Custom Drapery Or Window Treatments For Your Home

Lawrence Robinson

Are you looking to replace or upgrade your current window treatments, including your drapery or shades? Instead of buying whatever looks best at your local home decor store, another option to consider would be to reach out to a designer or manufacturer of custom drapery and other custom window treatments. Here's how going for a custom job for this part of your home decor can benefit you in the long run.

Custom Drapery Is Typically Designed With Higher-End Materials and Built With Better Craftsmanship

When you get a custom design for your draperies, you can expect the best possible materials that will offer higher durability and a longer lifespan. If your current drapes or curtains started looking frayed far too soon for your liking, going the custom route can provide a better long-term solution. Everything from the seams to the stitches will hold up longer over time. Yes, you'll pay a higher price for custom drapes with premium materials, but the extra longevity you'll get out of your new window treatments will likely make them better in the long run.

Modern Window Treatments Can Take Advantage of Technology Like Smart Home Integration for Motorized Shades

When designing your custom treatment, you can let your designer or provider know if you are looking for smart home integration for your new setup. It might be possible to add motorized components for your curtains or shades. Imagine having the curtains or shades automatically open at a certain time every morning to help you get out of bed and then automatically close at your bedtime to let you walk right into your bedroom and hit the sack instead of having to walk over to the window first. A motorized setup for your window treatments can also increase the long-term property value of your home.

Precise Measurements for Your Windows and the Perfect Color to Match Your Room Decor

Do you have windows that don't measure up exactly with the dimensions you find in the home decor section of the local department store? Your custom-designed window treatments can take your exact measurements into account and create drapes or other treatments that are a perfect fit. You can also get the treatments in any color or hue you want, allowing for a perfect match between your shades and the rest of your home decor.

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