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5 Times To Call A Roofing Contractor

Lawrence Robinson

If you don't know when to call a roofing contractor, then you can end up with some major roofing damage before you know it. One of the many problems with letting things get worse with the roof is it can cause problems for everything under the roof, including the home and belongings in it. Learn five signs that you need a roofing contractor. 

1: There is a leak in the roof

Leaks in the roof can be obvious because you see drips or puddles. However, this isn't always the way that leaks present. Sometimes, you will see stain marks showing up on the ceiling. You might even hear a light tapping sound coming from the attic when there is a leak. Any possible instances of a leak should be quickly followed up with a visit from a roofing contractor. 

2: There is an issue with your skylight

You want to keep an eye on your skylight. They are great to have for many reasons, but they can be a source of issues a roofing contractor will need to tend to. Watch your skylight for things like cracks, discoloration, or signs of moisture. If you notice anything off with it, call the roofer. 

3: There are granules coming off the shingles in large amounts

When you clean your rain gutters, it can be normal to spot a few granules that likely got knocked loose in the rain or even from the pecking of a bird. However, you never want to see large amounts of granules. This would likely be an indication that it's time for the roofing contractor to replace the roof. 

4: The gutters aren't aligned properly

The rain gutters need to be situated in the correct position, directly under the overhang of your roof. This way, the rainwater will run off the roof and go right into the gutters to be drained away from the home. If the gutters are misaligned, then the rainwater will drip straight down, causing a lot of different potential hazards. If you notice rain running off your roof instead of going in the gutters, you want to have a roofing contractor come out.

5: There is no drip edge flashing

Sometimes, drip edge flashing isn't included when the roof is installed because some feel it is optional. However, a drip edge flashing is very important. Without it, there can be extensive damage that can happen to the fascia board, the roof deck, and even inside your home. The drip edge flashing provides protection from wind-blown rain, ice dams, and even from pest infestations. If you don't have drip edge flashing already installed along the edge of your roof, then have a roofing contractor come to remedy that situation.

Contact a roofing contractor for more information. 


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