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Window Cleaning Time

Vinyl Window Buying Guide

Lawrence Robinson

Don't overlook vinyl as a choice if you are in the market for replacement windows. This material provides a lot of benefits, and it usually does so at an excellent price.


The least expensive vinyl windows will not have any insulation. They will instead be hollow. This is a false savings, though, because uninsulated vinyl windows are more prone to moisture and condensation problems. Plus, these windows aren't very energy efficient, which means any money you save on the installation will quickly be lost through higher-than-necessary heating and cooling bills.

Fortunately, insulated vinyl windows are still a cost-effective option, and they provide an optimum level of energy efficiency. You will likely recoup the additional cost quickly through energy savings. As a further benefit, insulated vinyl windows also provide excellent noise-blocking capabilities. This is especially helpful if you live in a busy or otherwise noisy neighborhood. Your home's interior will be much quieter thanks to your insulated vinyl windows.


Color is the most limiting aspect with vinyl windows. Although the windows are available in a wide range of colors, there will be limitations. For example, custom paint jobs aren't an option with vinyl as they are with wood or aluminum since the color is integrated right into the frame material. You will have to choose from the stock colors available.

The good news here is that the frame color doesn't fade drastically over time as it can on other types of windows. Further, there is never any need to repaint or sand the window frames -- vinyl is a virtually no-maintenance material. Opt for a neutral color that matches your trim. This way the windows will look good even if you update the color of your home at some point in the future.


You won't be limited by style if you opt for vinyl windows. If efficiency is your goal, vinyl windows are available in double- and even triple-pane varieties. Since vinyl is sturdy and uniform, the seal for the insulated panes is quite secure so you can enjoy the windows for decades without fear of seal failure and loss of efficiency.

The frames are also available in a multitude of styles. Whether you want simple single- or double-hung windows or sliders or you prefer a more specific style such as casement or pivot windows, there are vinyl options available.

Contact a replacement window service for more help when it comes to choosing the perfect vinyl windows for your home.


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