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Window Cleaning Time

Questions To Help You Assess Whether Particular Replacement Windows Are Good For Your Home

Lawrence Robinson

Whether you are replacing all of your home's windows or a single window, there are some questions that will be able to help guide your decisions as you evaluate whether potential replacement windows will be a good option for your house.

Are The Windows Suitable For Children?

It is an unfortunate reality that the windows of a home can be a major source of risk for children. This is because children may attempt to open the windows, which could put them at risk of falling out. To reduce the risk of this occurring in your home, you should always evaluate potential windows to ensure that they are resistant to being opened by young children. While there are adapters that you can use to further child-proof a window, you may want to avoid relying on these adapters as they will not be as durable or secure as windows that are designed with openers that are difficult for a child's hands to use.

Is The New Window Larger Than The Previous Window?

If the window that you are installing is larger than the previous window that was in its place, it will be able to greatly improve the amount of sunlight that is entering the home. It will also allow you to improve the ventilation of the room. However, this will require you to invest in enlarging the hole in the wall where the window frame and glass will be installed. This can be far more complicated than a homeowner may expect, and you should always consult with a contractor when you want to make this change. They will be able to determine whether this upgrade is feasible for the window that you want to enlarge. In some cases, there may be support beams on either side of the window that will make it extremely costly or even impossible to increase its size.

Will The Windows Be Able To Withstand Storms?

Storm damage is another threat that your replacement windows will have to withstand. Unfortunately, the windows of a home can be among the first parts of the structure to be damaged during a severe storm. In fact, it can be possible for the force of strong winds alone to break the glass that was used in your windows. This threat makes it extremely beneficial for the storm rating of any windows to be evaluated. Otherwise, you may not choose the most durable windows for your home.

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