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3 Reasons to Get Rolling Shutters for a Hurricane-Prone Home

Lawrence Robinson

When you live in a climate that gets hurricanes during part of the year, it's important that you make an effort to add some protection to your home. Instead of being concerned that the exterior or interior of your home is vulnerable to hurricane damage, it's best to get started with the windows and finding some hurricane shutters you want to add to your home. Rather than removable shutters that will need to be manually installed each time they're needed, look into the benefits that can come with rolling shutters.

Plenty of Protection for Your Home

If you're interested in having rolling shutters installed at home, it's likely because you want to add protection in the event of either a hurricane or your typical tropical storm. With rolling shutters, there are a lot of options for durability you can look for to make sure that the shutters will be able to provide the needed protection for your home.

Manual or Mechanical Functionality  

Some types of hurricane shutters will need to be installed using extra supplies that could make the task more time-consuming. With rolling shutters, the shutters stay on at all times and you won't need to worry about having them installed or removed. Rolling shutters can come with a manual crank that needs to be used to have them installed over the windows or a switch that you push to have the rollers move up or down when desired. This can be a great way to make sure that the shutters are easy to use. You can have them fixed onto your windows without a lot of manual labor being needed for the task.

Color Options to Suit Any Home

If you're interested in having rolling shutters installed, it's a good idea to consider how they will look against your home. While gray metal shutters are commonly seen on homes during hurricane season, they won't be the most attractive option when you're going to have shutters on as a more permanent fixture, like with rolling shutters. From white to brown or bronze, you can carefully select shutters that will fit in with the exterior of your home so that they're an enhancement to your home instead of something you'll be unhappy with.

When you're interested in getting new shutters installed due to living in an area that has a hurricane season, there's a lot of things that you can prioritize to make sure that the shutters are a great match. With the above benefits, you can feel confident getting rolling shutters installed.


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