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Are You Decorating Bedrooms For Your Son And Daughter?

Lawrence Robinson

Do you have a little boy and a little girl who is getting new bedroom decor? If that's the case, do you have a decorating plan in mind already? If not, from choosing the window treatments to selecting your children's bedding, here are some ideas that might help you. 

The Window Treatments

Consider selecting wooden plantation shutters for both bedrooms. Wooden shutters aren't just attractive; they're also affordable and easy to maintain. The great thing about shutters is that they will complement any theme that will eventually be in place over the years. Think of selecting white wooden shutters for your little girl's room and dark brown ones for your son's bedroom. The kids will probably like the fact that their shutters aren't exactly alike. 

Maybe you have decided to work with an interior decorator who will help you with fabric curtains instead of plantation shutters.  if so, the decorator will have the experience and the training to give your ideas a professional look. For instance, if you select white eyelet for the curtains in your little daughter's room, the decorator might suggest having a flounce made of a complementary fabric at the top of the curtains. In addition, he or she might suggest the addition of colorful ribbons as the tiebacks.

If you've chosen denim fabric for your little son's bedroom windows, the decorator might suggest rope or raffia to add a unique look to the curtains. In other words, you and the decorator can work together to get exactly the look you want with window treatments from a company like New Vista Window Fashions.

The Kids' Bedding

After you've selected the window treatment, it will be more than likely be easy to choose the children's bedding. If you went with wooden plantation shutters, choose bedding that will complement the color of the shutters. For example, if you went with dark wood for your son's windows, consider light mocha for the color of your son's bedding. Add interest and fun to the room's decor by choosing throw pillows that reflect your son's interests. If he loves dinosaurs, for example, close throw pillows that have a dinosaur theme. 

If you went with white wooden shutters for your daughter's bedroom window, think of buying white bedding, and choose throw pillows that are in your little girl's favorite colors. She'll probably also want to place stuffed animals in front of the throw pillows, which will add charm to the room.

Think of making bed-making easy for your children. For example, instead of having a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and a blanket, think of having only a fitted sheet and a quilt that complements the window treatments in each room. In the mornings, all the kids will have to do is to fold their quilt, put their pillow in place, and toss their throw pillows on in the manner they choose. 


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