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Factors That Can Influence The Cost Of Your Patio Door Replacement

Lawrence Robinson

If you have been debating about replacing your home's patio door, you may be wondering about how much it might cost you. While there is no single figure that you can place on every patio door, there are some factors that can affect the cost. As you start shopping, consider the following things.

The Style Of The Door

The style of the door that you choose can affect the cost of your patio door. For example, if you currently have a sliding patio door and you want to install a swinging door instead, you may need to make changes to the door frame to do so. The same applies if you're switching from a swinging door to a sliding one. Any time you have to modify the door frame to fit the replacement you've chosen, that is going to affect the cost. The more work that's involved in your door replacement, the more expensive it will be.

The Material The Door Is Made From

There are several different types of door materials to consider. You can install wooden doors, fiberglass doors, or even vinyl doors. You'll want to talk with your door replacement contractor about the cost associated with each option, but don't only consider the initial replacement cost. You should also think about the maintenance costs, as wooden doors will need a lot more upkeep and maintenance than fiberglass or vinyl, and vinyl requires the least amount of work to keep it in good condition.

The Upgrades You Select

In addition to the door itself, there are a lot of different upgrades that you can consider as well. Keep in mind that each of these upgrades will add to the cost associated with your door replacement. For example, you can incorporate additional security locks, such as bolt locks on sliding doors. You can also add between-pane blinds so that you don't have to worry about your blinds being damaged by children or pets. 

In addition, any hardware you decide to add, from custom door handles to screen door additions, can also affect the price. Your door replacement contractor can help you understand how much each of these features will cost.

Before you buy a new patio door, understanding what factors affect the price can help you shop more effectively. Understanding these key points will help you to do just that. Contact a replacement door contractor near you today for more information.


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