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Window Cleaning Time

Three Custom Interior Window Trends

Lawrence Robinson

When it is time to have new windows installed on your home, you will soon discover that you have many decisions to make. While the function of windows is the same, the materials that windows can be made from, the look that they have and their size can all vary. If you are unsure what type of windows you want for your home, you may want to see what is trending with other homeowners. Here are three trends for custom interior windows. 

Selecting Steel or Black Frames

The majority of window frames are white in color. However, the newest trend when it comes to custom interior windows is to add a pop of color to the frame. Those who love modern and industrial looks are drawn to steel frames, while those who really want their windows to stand out and pop love black frames. Adding a colored frame to your window can help define the window, its shape and create a focal point in your room. If you have a view that you really want your guests to notice, a colored window frame may help draw their attention to the window and the view. 

Installing Craftsman Style Interior Window Trim

Another trend that is becoming popular with homeowners is installing craftsman style interior window trim. After your window is in place, a window installer can add craftsman style trim around the window. Craftsman style trim is thick and wide, adding character, dimension, color and texture to the area surrounding your window. Think about it like adding a frame to your window, as essentially it frames and showcases your window. When you want to add a little something extra to your windows, window trim may be perfect. 

Going Big

The last trend that is popular with custom interior windows is going big. When you are installing new windows, you may be able to have the framed area for your window enlarged. This allows you to add in larger windows. Natural light can make your home brighter and appear larger. More people are opting for larger windows than ever before. If you want to let in more light, this trend may be perfect for you. 

Windows can be a big investment. As such, you want to ensure that you love them. Taking the time to learn about the different options that you have when it comes to interior windows and then selecting the windows that most appeal to you and best fit your needs helps to ensure you will love your windows the day they are installed, as well as a year and a decade later. Contact a custom interior window manufacturer to learn more about the options you have when it comes to custom windows.


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