Window Cleaning Time

Window Cleaning Time

Functional Window Treatments For Your Home

Lawrence Robinson

Window shutter treatments can make the windows in any home look great, but if they have a function as well, that is even better. Some of the most functional window treatments have their origins in home security, keeping either people or the weather out. 

Internal Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters look great on a window. You can close them to keep the light out, and tight shutters will even keep some of the cold or heat out of the room when they are shut. The shutters also provide some privacy, keeping people outside from being able to see into your home.  Attaching shutters on the inside or the window makes them easier to use, and they offer an excellent look for the room. You can paint them, stain them, or seal them with a clear polyurethane to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

External Shutters

While they are not common anymore, you can add functional shutters to the outside of your home if you want the look and function of them.  Closing exterior shutters means opening the window, and for homes with storm windows that do not sit flush, these shutters will not work. If you do not have storm windows or if they are recessed within the window frame, you can close the shutters over them. Once closed and secure, they are tough to open from the outside of the home, providing some additional security to your home.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are a popular window treatment in the US. They are easy to put in the window frame and are relatively inexpensive, so if you are putting them up in a new home, you can buy enough for the entire house. They offer function by blocking out light and providing a high level of privacy for your home.  Aesthetically they look nice inside, and if you spend a bit more money on them, you can get wooden blinds that look beautiful in the room. 

Fabric Drapes

Drapes are typically heavy fabric with a backing material, and when you close them, they keep the light out but also are highly insulative and will block cold or hot air out of the room. The fabric used can be very decorative as well. Drapes have their origins in the days of castles and houses with very little insulation and are still just as functional today, but the designs have changed over the years. When you want to open the drapes, you can use a tie back cord to hold them open, allowing the sun in or put them on a large rod that will enable you to slide the drapes open. 


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