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Window Cleaning Time

Sun In, Sun Out: Choosing Window Treatments To Suit Your Sunlight Preferences

Lawrence Robinson

There are people that are total sun worshipers. Then there are people that that shrink away from sunlight like a pack of vampires. (It is not that they do not like sunlight; it is just that they are highly sensitive to the brightness of the sun's light and/or heat.) Depending on which type of person you are, you may want to coordinate your personal preferences for sunlight with different kinds of solar shades. Here are your options.

For the Sun Worshipers

Solar shades for those that adore as much sunlight as they can get are shades that barely block the sunlight at all. In fact, the only reason sun worshipers have shades is for privacy. Otherwise, they would have no shades or blinds of any kind. This particular kind of solar shade is transparent enough to allow a lot of natural light through but blocks the view of prying eyes. Your cat will still find his/her golden spot of sunlight on the bed or floor with no trouble at all.

For the Sun Evaders

Solar shades that are apropos for this group tend to block most of the sunlight. Some light is still allowed into the home, but it is significantly decreased by the opacity of these solar shades. Additionally, these shades tend to block out a lot of UVA and UVB rays that can bleach furniture and wall hangings. A very limited amount of heat enters the rooms because these shades block so much of the bright, hot sunlight. You know you are a sun evader when you prefer the cool comfort of a darker room during the hottest, brightest days of the year.

For the Evader That Married (or Is Living with) a Worshiper

Of course, opposites attract. When a sun worshiper gets involved with a sun evader, compromises on window treatments must be made. For that, there are solar shades that have interspersed lines of opaque and transparent textiles. This allows a little more light into a room for the sun worshiper, while still keeping it dark enough for the sun evader.

Talk to a Window Treatments Expert

If you are not sure about which kind of solar shade to purchase, talk to a window treatments expert. These people really know their shades, and they can help you find the shade products that are best suited to your personality and your home. They will even place special orders for you.

Contact a company like The Louver Shop for more information and assistance. 


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