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4 Features To Choose From When Ordering New Gutters

Lawrence Robinson

If your roof is reaching the end of its life, there is a good chance the gutters on your home are reaching the end of their life as well. Gutters are not a product that most people have to purchase that often, so it can be helpful to know the different gutter features that you'll be choosing from.

#1 Gutter Material

Gutters come in a variety of different metal materials. You can purchase copper gutters, steel gutters, or aluminum gutters. The most common gutter material on the market is aluminum because it is lightweight yet sturdy, and is the most affordable of the three different primary metal gutter materials.

#2 Gutter Thickness

Next, you have to choose how thick you want your gutters to be. This is called the gauge of your gutter. There are three standard gauge sizes that most gutters fall under, either 0.25, 0.27, 0.32 gauges. The higher the number, the thicker the gauge. If you want to go with the strongest gutters for your home, it is best to go with the highest gauge number offered for the style and material of gutter that you choose for your home. You want your gutters to be as sturdy as possible, and going with a higher gauge number will increase the strength of your gutters.

#3 Gutter Style

The style of your gutters is different than the gutter material and thickness; this is the shape of your gutters. The most common style of gutters has more of a boxy shape and are referred to as K-style gutters. If you like more of a rounded shape of gutters, you can go with the simple names half-round gutters. There are also a few gutter styles that are more intricate and look more like crown molding on the eaves of your home. You want the gutter style to match with the overall look of your home.

#4 Gutter Color

Finally, you can choose different colors of gutters as well. There is a wide selection of standard colors that you can choose from. Although many people go with white gutters, there are other common standards colors, such as green and blue to choose from as well. If you don't like any of the standard colors, you can order custom colored gutters, but those usually cost more.

When ordering new gutters for your home, you will need to choose the material, thickness, style, and color of the new gutters for your home. To learn more, contact a guttering company near you. 


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