Window Cleaning Time

Window Cleaning Time

Keeping Your Home Cool

Lawrence Robinson

When summer temperatures hit, energy costs can skyrocket as people run air conditioners and fans to try to keep their house cool. To keep those expenses down, there are a few things homeowners can do. Read on for some tips on how to lower your cooling costs this summer. 

Plant Trees

New trees add to the beauty of your landscape and as they grow, will help keep your house and property cool. Plant trees so that they shade any concrete areas on your property, like the sidewalk and driveway. Concrete gets hot fast and reflects that heat, so keeping it cool will help keep you cool. If you have an air conditioning unit outside of your home, consider planting a tree near it that will shade the unit. Keeping the unit cool will extend its life and prevent it from having to work too hard to cool your home.

You even can use trees to shade windows to keep the sun from beating into your home. Figure out where your home has the most sun exposure, and plant a few trees to keep the sun from coming in. As the tree grows, trim low branches so your view isn't obstructed, but let the upper branches grow so that they shade your windows and roof. When the branches are bare in the winter, the trees will allow the sun to shine in, just when you need a little extra warmth from the sun. 

Window Treatments

Windows are where homes experience the most energy loss, but there are ways to treat windows to keep the heat out and the interior of your home cool in the summer. Consider having a window film installation done. Window film installation will provide some insulation on your windows and will keep the sun's rays from fading fabrics in your home. Window shades also are an effective and simple way to control energy costs in the summer. Be sure to install them close to the window so that they create a sealed space between the shade and the window. For extra energy saving, consider purchasing reversible shades.

Turn the white side out in the summer to reflect the heat, and turn the dark side out in the winter to absorb it. Curtains also help keep a home cool. Be sure to keep them closed during the hottest parts of the day, perhaps sealed with a hook and loop closure. Closed-weave fabrics with white backing are most effective at keeping the heat outside.


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