Window Cleaning Time

Window Cleaning Time

Signs That You Need New Windows

Lawrence Robinson

Many homeowners don't really know how old their windows are unless they are the first owners of the home. If this is your situation, you are likely wondering how to know when it is time to replace, rather than repair, your old windows. The following guide to replacement signs can help you determine the best course of action.

Sign #1: Condensation buildup

If you have double- or triple-pane insulated windows, one of the first signs of a problem is condensation buildup between the layers of glass. This indicates that the seal has failed and that the window has lost its insulating properties. While a contractor can drill a small hole in the window so that condensation evaporates and is no longer a problem, you cannot regain the lost insulation qualities. Instead, you will need to replace the windows to ensure they are performing up to par.

Sign #2: Damaged sashes and frames

Old wood windows are most likely to develop damaged sashes and frames. This occurs as the wood begins to degrade over time. Sometimes actual rot may set in or the wood may crack. A single damaged board in a single frame can be replaced, but if the frames and sashes of multiple windows are beginning to decay, it's time to consider replacement.

Sign #3: Broken or loose glass

Much like frames, glass can suffer damage over time. You may not want to replace all your windows over a single broken or loose pane, especially if it isn't an insulated window. Instead, it may make sense to simply replace the glass or reapply the glazing so it is properly in the frame. Another issue is if the glass has become badly scratched or pitted from blowing sand or other debris. If you have multiple broken windows or loose panes, or if your windows appear etched and can't be washed to crystal clarity anymore, it's time for replacement.

Sign #4: Out of date windows

Older windows simply aren't as energy efficient as the modern equivalent. You can now get single- or even triple-pane windows to provide extra insulation or low-E glass to help deflect sunlight and UV rays. Old windows can also let in drafts, especially if they aren't well fitted to the frame or properly sealed. If efficiency is a concern, upgrade your windows and make sure you select those with an Energy Star rating.

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