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Steps To Make Your Sliding Glass Door More Secure

Lawrence Robinson

After a break-in in which the burglar gained entry to your home by breaking your sliding glass window, you'll feel shaky until you can have a local glass service visit your home to replace the sheet of glass from the door. The installation of the new door can make you feel more secure in your home, but you'll feel even better by putting a number of security processes in place. You can partner with the glass service to boost the security of the sliding door or perform some installations of your own. Here are some ideas that will make this part of your home more secure.

Install Unbreakable Glass

There are a variety of different unbreakable glass products on the market that offer different degrees of security for you and your family. These products are common in areas that are constantly threatened by hurricanes, although this type of glass can also be effective at keeping burglars out. Talk to your local glass service about installing this type of glass. Any would-be burglar would quickly realize that gaining access to your home isn't as easy as it might look, and would ideally leave your property immediately.

Use A Dowel

A wooden dowel or a length of PVC pipe can be a simple way to prevent the sliding glass door from being forced open. If a burglar were able to bypass the lock on the door, he or she could enter your home. However, if you place a dowel or PVC pipe in the track — between the outside frame of the sliding portion of the door and the frame along the edge of your wall — the door will essentially be impossible to force open, if the the lock is unlocked.

Affix A Security Sticker

You can often discourage would-be burglars from getting close to your home by affixing a security system sticker on the lower corner of your sliding glass door. This gives people the illusion that your home is protected by a security system, and the risk of attempting to break through the glass could seem like too much for the average burglar. These stickers are readily available on the Internet.

Keep The Curtains Closed

Perhaps the simplest way to bolster the protection of your home around your sliding glass door is to keep the curtains closed as much as possible. Any burglar lurking outside would be unable to see inside, which means that he or she wouldn't know whether you're home or not. The average burglar doesn't want to enter a home when it's occupied, so the curtains can be enough to convince the person to find another target.

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