Window Cleaning Time

Window Cleaning Time

4 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Windows

Lawrence Robinson

Looking at the windows of your home, you may not automatically know when it's time to replace them. Here are a few signs that the windows of your home need to be replaced:

You feel drafts from your windows.

If you can feel cold or hot air seeping from your windows when you stand near them, it's time for replacements. New windows are often well insulated, and they offer good temperature control.

The seals that border the windows should be practically airtight. They prevent cold air from seeping inside your home in the winter and hot air from entering during the summer months.

Your wood windows are rotting.

If the frames of your windows are made of wood, they may start to chip, peel and rot over time. Once moisture invades the wood frame of a window, the wood can begin to swell and soften. The soft wood may attract pests, such as termites, which can cause major structural damage to your home. In addition, moisture can seep from the windows into other bordering wood planks or even into your walls, making it necessary to replace various structural components of your home.

Also, moisture can invite the growth of mold, which can cause allergies and other illnesses.

Many new windows have a metal or vinyl frame. Thus, they tend to be moisture-resistant and durable.

The balance of your windows no longer works.

The balance of a window holds it open. This is an important feature because it prevents the window from inadvertently closing and creating a safety hazard. This is especially important if you have young children whose hands may be on the window sill when a window closes unexpectedly.

New windows have balances that work properly. They should open, close and lock without incidence.

Your energy bill continues to climb.

If your energy bills are higher than normal and continue to increase even though the energy rates remain the same, it is likely time to replace your windows. The increase in your energy cost could be due to poorly insulated windows.

When windows allow heat or cool air to escape, your furnace or air conditioning unit must work harder to climatize your home.

As your home ages, so do your windows. Even windows that are structurally attractive may no longer be safe or energy-efficient as time progresses. Still, there are new replacement windows available in practically every style. Contact a windows specialist in your area for energy-efficient alternatives to your current windows.

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