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Window Cleaning Time

Three Decor Themes That Work Beautifully With Wood Blinds

Lawrence Robinson

Wood blinds keep sunlight out of your room when closed, and bring a beautiful look to your decor. The versatile design options make it easy to coordinate wood blinds with a range of decor themes. With a wide variety of styles and colors, wood blinds can work with many different types of decor themes. Here are three handsome design themes that coordinate with wood blinds.

Rustic Country Cabin

If you have a rustic country decor theme, a medium walnut or rich oak finish brings a warm look to your windows. Pair your wood blinds with earth-toned drapes to create a rich look for your windows. Vertical wood blinds create a country-style accent for patio doors, helping you to create a cohesive look in your room. For rooms with wood paneling or log-style walls, choose a wood finish that matches your walls to bring a seamless touch to your space.

Tropical Island Retreat

Plantation-style shutter blinds in a crisp white finish bring a bright tropical island feel to your space, but you can also opt for brightly colored wood blinds that coordinate with this look as well. For a more colorful option, consider turquoise, salmon pink, bright yellow or bold red to transform your windows into a focal point in your space.

You can also add furniture with shutter-style details to coordinate with your windows and complete the tropical island theme in the room. For a more antique feel in the room, opt for blinds and furnishings with a distressed finish.

Modern Urban

Wood blinds don't have to evoke a nature-inspired look. For a more modern, urban-style decor theme, opt for wood blinds in a sleek black or gray finish. Outside-mount blinds create a seamless, finished look in your windows, and typically include a cornice-style top that brings an elegant finishing touch to your windows. Add full-length blinds to French windows and doors to create a dramatic urban look. Choose solid-color or ombre curtains in deep purple, gray or white to complete the sleek, modern theme.

Wood blinds are available in a range of styles, colors and finishes, making it easy to create a custom look that matches virtually any decor theme. Whether you want a rustic country look or a sleek, modern design, wood blinds bring a rich look to your windows. Use these ideas as inspiration for your design theme, or come up with your own unique use for wood blinds to bring beauty to your space.


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