Window Cleaning Time

Window Cleaning Time

3 Signs It's Time To Get New Windows

Lawrence Robinson

The windows in your home are important because they provide you with natural light, a view of the outside, and insulation for your home. Getting replacement windows can be costly, but they're also a great home improvement feature. If you've been thinking about getting new windows but aren't sure if it's time to take the plunge, here are some signs that it could be time to get it done.

Buildup Of Condensation

If you have noticed that your windows are becoming foggy or there is a white film inside, this can indicate a problem. Condensation buildup is usually caused by the seals on your windows becoming cracked or stretched. When the seals wear out, water can get inside, causing it to condense on the window's surface. The white film is also a definite indication of a problem. This issue is caused from calcium buildup that is left behind after the water has evaporated. In either case, you should consider getting the window or windows replaced.

Opening Difficulty

If you've started to notice that your windows are becoming more difficult to open and close, this is usually due to the guides and rollers becoming worn out. Wear and tear to these parts can make getting the windows open a struggle. If you can no longer easily open your windows, this can actually pose a potential fire hazard since it will be difficult to get them open quickly and escape the home. Another danger is that a window with a failed balance guide can shut or fall down quickly and cause an injury to your hands. If your windows are not closing all the way or locking securely, this is another sign they should be replaced. Windows that don't lock correctly can leave your home vulnerable to someone breaking in and can invite moisture and cold air into the home since they are not closing tightly.

Drafty Windows

Windows should help to provide your home with good insulation. If you're starting to feel a draft coming in through them, this is definitely a sign of trouble. Aside from cold or warm air getting inside which can cause your heating and cooling bills to skyrocket, it also means that moisture could be getting in. If moisture gets into the home through the windows, it can leak behind the walls where you cannot see it. This water can cause mildew or mold and you won't know it until it's too late. Causes for drafts or water leakage can include cracked glass or damaged seals, and replacement windows are definitely recommended in those cases. 


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