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Condensation Inside Your Glass Door? Here's Why & How To Get Rid Of It

Lawrence Robinson

Condensation in between the panes of your double-pane glass door can be annoying, especially when you want to see outside. Unfortunately, the condensation will not go away unless you do something about it. Here's what you need to know about why condensation forms in between glass panes and what you can do about it. 

Why Condensation Forms In Between Glass Panes 

Condensation forms any time there is an extreme temperature difference between the air and a surface and there is water vapor present. Water vapor typically is not found in between the panes of double-pane doors unless there is damage to the seals. When the seal is breached, moisture from the air gets trapped in the space between the panes of glass. 

That moisture becomes condensation when the temperature of the glass is lower or higher on one side than on the other side, such as when the home is heated in the winter. This can be more problematic for doors than windows when doors are slammed shut too often, because the force of the door being slammed shut can can the seal to crack, even if just slightly. This can be more problematic for doors than it is for windows because doors are often slammed shut. When a door is slammed, the seal around the door windows can crack, even if just slightly. 

How to Remove the Condensation 

It's important to understand that simply sealing the crack in the sealant (if you can find it) isn't going to get rid of the moisture that is already inside the double-pane. Here are several ways you can go about removing or reducing the moisture. 

  • Remove one of the panes and place silica dessicant at the bottom of the space. Silica dessicant is an absorbent material that will "collect" the moisture inside the window. Then replace the pane and seal it. You can find silica dessicant at any home improvement or hardware store. 
  • Drill small holes in the corners and install one-way valves in the holes. The valves will allow air to escape from inside of the door when air enters into the space through a crack in the seal. With air flowing freely, the chances of condensation forming are reduced because the moist air is not stagnant. 
  • Remove the double-pane glass from the door and replace it with an entirely new unit. Another thing that is important to understand is that the condensation is a red flag that your glass door is no longer providing the insulation protection you want, which is why double-pane glass doors are made. Therefore, this is the best method of ensuring that your glass door will be free of condensation. 

Consult with a glass door repair service for more information about your particular situation. 


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