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Window Cleaning Time

The Best Windows For Your Hurricane-Prone Home

Lawrence Robinson

If you live in an area where hurricanes are known to come dangerously close, you want to make sure your home is ready for the impact. Window glass is designed to be very strong, such as tempered glass. Tempered glass is cool-set so it is 5 to 10 times stronger than its original strength. Even with these extra strengthening techniques added to your home's window glass, it may not be able to withstand severe hurricane winds. To protect your home you need to install windows that are designed for severe weather storms. Consider the following window options for your hurricane-prone home, and discover benefits to adding these windows to your home besides the extra protection.

Impact windows

As the name implies, these kinds of windows are designed to be able to handle harsh weather conditions. They are also fashioned with smooth edges and your choice of modern color styles so they don't take away from the attraction of your home. Since impact windows don't need any coverings or shutters to make them most efficient against weather conditions, you don't have to perform any safety functions when a storm is coming. The ease of installation, attractiveness, and effectiveness of these types of windows make them favorable to many homeowners in hurricane-prone locations.

Plastic and glass windows

Some hurricane windows are designed with both glass and plastic in their design, similar to car windshield glass. This type of installation is typically done by the companies who sell these windows. When looking for these types of hurricane windows, ask the representative how resistant the windows are against very high winds and what kinds of warranties come with the windows.

Benefits of hurricane-resistant windows

Besides adding needed protection to your home, adding windows designed for hurricane weather provide other benefits as well. Your insurance premium may be cheaper every month if you have these windows installed since your home is less of a risk for hurricane damage as a result. You can also experience less window repairs than if you didn't have hurricane windows, which is cost-effective to you.

When deciding on the type of window design you want for your home, think about what you ultimately want your hurricane window to do. If you are just wanting a basic hurricane window that can help you feel safer in your home during a storm, a plastic and glass style may work for you. If you want a more stylish design and function to your hurricane window, then impact windows may be your wisest choice.


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