Window Cleaning Time

Window Cleaning Time

Could Your Windows Be Raising Your Heating and Cooling Costs?

Lawrence Robinson

Windows are a key part of a home's energy-efficiency. Windows that are in bad condition can suck the heat right out of a room in the winter and then let all your cool air escape in the summer, raising your heating and cooling costs and making life uncomfortable. Are your windows less efficient than they could be?

Compromised Glazing

If you have double-glazed windows, you know how effective they can be compared with single panes of glass. But they're only effective as long as their seals remain intact. Over time, double-glazed windows may become compromised. If you see condensation within your window glass, this means that the seal has failed and you're no longer getting the benefits of double-glazing.

The good news for this problem is that it may be possible to replace only the window itself, leaving the frame intact. Look for insert windows that can be installed in an existing frame. And, of course, only do this if you're sure the frame is in good condition; while it may save you money now, a damaged frame will need to be replaced eventually, bringing more expense down the road.

Poor Seal

One problem with older windows, especially wooden windows, is their tendency to warp over time. Exposure to temperature extremes and moisture can hasten this process. When the pieces of a window no longer fit together well, you'll find drafts and increased heat transfer; that is, you'll lose heat in the winter through your windows, but your home will heat up too quickly in the summer for the same reason.

If your windows are difficult to open or close, this is a sign that they no longer fit together properly. Excessive wear and tear to the window trim can also be a sign of poorly-fitting windows as the stress is likely to have altered their fit.

Old Technology

Even if your windows are in good shape, if they're old, it might be time to look into replacing them with newer window technology. For instance, it's now possible to get glass that filters out UV rays and prevents heat transfer without compromising the view through the window. Low heat transfer helps both to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, making it good for any climate.

For areas prone to harsh weather, impact-resistant glass is an option. Storm windows from companies like Arch Design, for instance, are designed to stand up to hurricane-level winds as well as impact from storm debris, and they resist salt damage in coastal areas as well.


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