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Tips For Choosing The Most Energy Efficient Aluminum Window Frame

Lawrence Robinson

Aluminum window frames are a cost-efficient option that also offer a degree of soundproofing. But aluminum frames aren't the most energy efficient option straight out of the gate. Luckily, there are some customizations you can ask for from your window installer that can make the frames as energy efficient as possible.

Here are a few tips for choosing the most energy efficient aluminum window frames.

Opt for the Thermal Break and Low-E Coating

When you start browsing aluminum frame models, you will see traditional models and others advertised as having a thermal break. That thermal break is a synthetic insulation material that is snapped inside of the frame to improve energy efficiency. You can't see the break from the outside of the frame but your energy bills will appreciate the break's presence.

You also want to make sure that the glass in the frame has low-e coating. This built-in window film helps filter out harmful UV rays in the sun while still allowing the light to shine through.

Combining both the thermal break and the low-e coating can elevate the U-factor and R-values of the window. These numbers are important when trying to compare similar models of windows. U-factor serves as a measurement of the window's thermal conductivity -- the lower the number, the better. R-value is the heat resistance of the window, and the higher the number, the better.

Aim for Gas-Filled Double Pane Glass

The type of glass put in the frame can further improve the efficiency of your aluminum frame. Glass comes in different thicknesses that start with single pane and end with triple pane. The triple pane glass is the most efficient but also the most expensive. You can achieve a similar level of efficiency using double paned glass that's been filled with gas.

Gas filling inside the window offers a dense invisible protection against the outside elements. The gas can help keep the heat of the summer outside while keeping the heat of your furnace inside during winter.

Argon and krypton are the primary types of gases used in windows. Krypton is more dense and thus more efficient, but argon is far cheaper and could provide enough insulation to suit your purposes.

Don't Install if You Have Harsh Winters

Finding an energy efficient aluminum window can end with you realizing this isn't the best frame type for your needs. Even modified aluminum doesn't offer a great barrier of protection if your home is in an area that experiences harsh winter temperatures.

Consult a window company, like Nu-Vue Products, for advice on a better window frame material for your home.


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