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Window Cleaning Time

How To Refinish Wooden Windows

Lawrence Robinson

When it comes to investing in new windows for your home there are a plethora of materials to choose from. The most common materials for the construction of window frames are vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, metal and wood. While wooden windows used to be the most common option, they have been less popular in recent years. Most homes are now built with more practical materials like vinyl or aluminum. However, this is not to say that you cannot still get wooden windows for your home. In fact, it is impossible to replicate the natural beauty and style of authentic wooden window frames. This article will explain how to keep up your wooden window frames so they remain operable and stylish over the years.

Keeping them Waterproof

Most problems that arise with wooden windows occur on the outside of the frame. The exterior side of the frame is exposed to the sun and the rain, which can be especially damaging to wood. The exterior of a wooden frame is also susceptible to termite damage. This is why it is so important to keep your window frames properly sealed at all times. 

To keep your windows sealed you will need to use exterior paints or stains. Most likely, your windows will be treated with the stain before they are installed. Your job will be to re-stain them every 5 to 6 years. This will hugely increase the lifespan of the window frames.

How to Restain the Frames

To restain your frames you cannot just paint it on. First, you will need to prepare the surface with sandpaper and steel wool. You do not need to sand off the existing paint or stain, but you do need to make the surface smooth enough to be painted. First, you will use a sandpaper sponge with a grit between 100 and 200. Then, wipe down the frame with a damp rag to remove all the resulting sawdust. Then, use steel wool to lightly buff the frame. At this point you will be able to restain or repaint your frame. If you are putting a clear liquid stain on your windows, it is best to just apply it with rag. However, if you were using normal paint, you will need to use a small paint brush.

Refinishing your windows over the years might seem like an annoying project. However, it is essential if you want to enjoy style of natural wood windows. For more information, contact companies like Morgan Exteriors Inc.


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