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Window Cleaning Time

3 Facts About Vinyl Windows

Lawrence Robinson

If you need to replace or update your windows, vinyl windows are a popular choice in many new homes. They are also common as a replacement for older or damaged windows. If you are considering investing in vinyl windows, it is a good idea to consider the benefits of doing so and to know what to expect when it is done.

The Vinyl Window Is A Well-insulated Window

It only makes sense that a window lacking sufficient insulation will cost you a lot over years of its use. It will allow treated air to escape, forcing your heater or air conditioner to work harder and longer. Obviously, that is not a good idea and the use of vinyl windows is an obvious solution.

It is able to do so because vinyl windows are made from PVC, which is a type of plastic. Its R-value, which is a number that reflects the level of insulated provided by a material, is high.    

Vinyl Windows Require Little Cleaning Or Maintenance

When vinyl windows are made, they are stained, buffed and polished before being shipped to homes or stores. Therefore, they will be resistant to most dirt and will not be easily scratched. Even better, they are virtually impervious to even the longest, hottest summer and therefore, will not fade.

If you want a home that looks great for years, installing vinyl windows is a great way to get it. 

You Can Be Extra Sure That Your Windows Are Safe

It is often surprising to learn that there are certifications that you can get for your vinyl windows. Using rigorous standards, both the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, known as the AAMA and the American National Standards Institute, known as ANSI offer programs for vinyl windows on homes in the United States.  

Each type of window is evaluated for the following:

  • Degree of water that passes through the window
  • The amount of wind pressure the window can withstand
  • How strong it is against air leaks  

It is helpful to note that each and every window that is sold is not evaluated. However, one of each time is tested and then the manufacturer of each window is required to verify that all other windows of that type and model meets the same standards. To verify that you are using a window that met the appropriate qualifications, be sure to look for the frame to have a sticker that establishes that information.   

In conclusion vinyl windows are an affordable, easily maintained and attractive option when shopping for new windows. When you are ready to reap its benefits, be sure to contact a window specialist (such as Beissel Window & Siding) immediately. 


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