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Two Ways To Tint Automobile Windows

Lawrence Robinson

Many people prefer to have their car windows tinted. There are a lot of reasons for this. One is that tinting windows in the car can help keep the car's interior from fading; the fewer UV rays that get into the car, the less damage they can cause. Tinting windows may also keep the car cooler when it parked in the sun. Tinted windows can also give the people in the car a little privacy, which is why limos generally have heavily tinted windows in the back of the vehicle. Here are two ways that a car's window can be tinted. 

Original Equipment Manufacturer Windows

OEM parts are parts that are made by same manufacturer that made the original parts of your car. They make the windows that came with your car when you bought it. When OEM windows are tinted, the glass itself is usually tinted. It's not just a film that is put on the glass, the tint is mixed into the glass when the window is made. The benefit of this kind of glass is that it is generally a light enough tint that it won't break any laws regarding automobile windows.

If you go to the dealership to get your windows replaced, OEM parts are generally used. However, one drawback is that if the glass needs to be replaced it can be more expensive.

Film Tinting

This kind of tinting is done with a thin plastic film that is put on the inside of the windows. It has to be done very carefully or bubbles can form under the film, which can cause the film to fail or distort the view out of the windows. This kind of window tinting should be installed by professionals, since it does need to be applied carefully. Another reason to have professionals do the window tinting is because film tints can come in a wide variety of darkness levels, and the professional installer will know how dark the windows can be tinted without breaking any traffic laws.

Tinted film also has the added benefit of helping with safety. The film can actually help if the window gets broken because it can hold the pieces together. 

These are two ways people can have their car windows tinted. They can choose to have the windows tinted when they buy the car, or they can go back and have them tinted by a professional, like Utah Window Tinting, afterward.


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