Window Cleaning Time

Window Cleaning Time

Enjoy The World With Cleanliness And Clarity - Tips For Streak-Free Home Window Washing

Lawrence Robinson

When you rent or purchase a home, you may find yourself surprised by the number of cleaning and maintenance tasks that you suddenly are forced to master. Things that you've previously taken for granted can suddenly become serious concerns, and one of the most common of these is figuring out a way to keep your windows clean, clear, and free of streaks.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for cleaning your home windows without leaving any unsightly streaks behind. Following these suggestions can help put you in a position to look out on the world with the satisfaction of knowing you've done all you can to make your home as bright and attractive as it can be.

Careful Dusting

One common mistake that many people make when cleaning their windows is immediately hitting the glass with cleaner without considering the state of the frame and the surrounding hardware. Glass cleaner is designed to remove smudges and residual skin oils, but it can react poorly with other kinds of dust and dirt and leave stubborn streaks.

Make sure that you thoroughly dust the window sill and frame with a clean, dry cloth before you apply any kind of cleaning solution to your glass. This will help brush away stubborn dirt particles and guarantee that you don't spread around any potential sources of contamination.

Addressing Both Sides

The interior of your glass is the easiest to reach, and as such, it's the most common source of dirt that many people seek to remove. However, cleaning only one side of a window can leave you frustrated by the buildup on the outside of your home and can significantly decrease the effectiveness of your cleaning efforts.

If your windows tilt in, it can be a very easy task to reach around and clean both sides of the glass. For other windows, however, it's important that you make an effort to schedule regular exterior cleanings that will allow you to keep your glass in its best possible condition. You can contact a company like Clear View, Inc. to schedule such a service.

Choose A Cloudy Day

Sunlight can sometimes be counterproductive in terms of keeping your glass clean, as the streaks and smears that come from quickly drying product can be exacerbated under direct heat and light. In order to avoid those issues, cleaning your windows on a cloudy day will provide your cleaning products with additional time to dry slowly and gently. This will allow you to avoid unsightly spots and help guarantee that your glass has the clean, consistent look that you desire.


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